DDSD Waiting List Letter – Update Your Contact Information

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 Developmental Disabilities Division

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Oklahoma City, OK  73125-0352



Dear Waiver Request List Applicants:

You are receiving this letter because you or your family member’s name is on the request list for waiver services from Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) of the Department of Human Services (DHS).

As funding is available, we continue to work this list.  It is important that applicants keep DDSD informed of their current contact information.

There are three ways to update your contact information with DDSD:

1)     Toll free phone numbers to DDSD area offices:

  1. Area I 1-800-522-1064
  2. Area II 1-800-522-1075
  3. Area III 1-800-522-1086

2)     This is the email address where contact information changes can be sent:

3)     On line.  Go to the DHS website   Look to the bottom of the page for the following section:

Click on the link to “Update DDSD Waiting List Contact Information.”  This will take you to the form to update your contact information on line.

Thanks for keeping your contact information current.

Jean LeMonier

Program Manager

DDSD State Office

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